About Us

About Us - or how we came to be running a biker bed & breakfast in France.

From Oxfordshire to the Limousin

3Bs Biking, a biker friendly B&B and trail riding centre, is run by Arnie and Ad, a British couple originally from Oxfordshire who got fed up with the volume of cars on the road and the lack of green lanes left in the UK so they decided to up sticks to France in 2015. A rather short property search came up with Veyrinas, a former auberge with 25 acres of land near Saint Yrieix La Perche in the Limousin. 

Rumour has it that Richard the Lionheart, known as Coeur de Lion round here, watered his horse at the property back in the 12th century. However we suspect his horse had a drink problem as many properties claim the same distinguished past. Richard died near here in Chalus and there are many references to him in the area including the Route de Couer de Lion which is a road route taking in some of Richard’s most famous rest points.

Touring in South Africa
Arnie & Ad on honeymoon in South Africa
Ziggy and Denzil
Out researching...honest!

Arnie is from a farming background and spent his ‘yoof’ tearing round the farm on a variety of two wheeled vehicles, most of which were highly unsuitable for the job. In his teens and early twenties he raced motocross, doing quite well despite a lack of funds to buy decent equipment but a bad accident off a borrowed bike (don’t mention the ripped seat!) put him in traction for a period of time and his back has never been quite the same since. With his racing career over, he eventually turned to road riding and got a bike licence. 

Since then he has had a real mix of bikes, having initially gone the sports bike route, then to a Bandit and after a brief bikeless spell he now has the definitive old man’s bike. Yep, it’s a BMW R1200GS…

Ad grew up obsessed with horses so bikes never featured except for a moped when she was 16 to get to the stables. Unfortunately this equine obsession lasted well into her 40s and then one morning a revelation occurred! The horses were sold and replaced with a motorbike… Much more sensible as it doesn’t need to be mucked out every morning. 

Ad’s bikes are chosen mainly with reference to the seat height as she is somewhat vertically challenged but never one to do things by half, she now has 4 bikes to her name. Her new road bike is Ziggy, a Kawasaki Z900, Baby is a Honda CBR400RR, Jezza is a Suzuki GSXR600 track bike and Gus is her AJP PR3 trail bike. It was Ad’s first PR3 Anthony that led us to look at AJPs for our hire fleet as it’s a cracking, well balanced bike.

Arnie and Ad have both travelled and toured extensively and bring their experiences to 3Bs Biking.

Ad having some track time in Spain