Travel Insurance for Motorbikers

As with most of our guides I am not going to tell you which is the right travel insurance policy for you because I don’t know your circumstances. Rather what I will do is talk about things you should consider before buying travel insurance.
So I guess the first question should be “do I need travel insurance for my motorcycle trip to 3Bs Biking?” and we would always answer that with “absolutely!”


Firstly, it will in some circumstances cover the non-refundable deposit you have paid. It will usually cover in the case of death, serious illness or accident and job loss. It won’t cover you if you change your mind or your wife throws another wobbler about the amount of “lads” bike trips you’ve booked this year….(we always advise taking the wife with you 😊)
Secondly, your EHIC Card in France will only cover about 70% of the health cover costs, that’s the same as a French national would receive. They generally have top up insurance for the remaining 30% so it makes sense that you should do the same. Oh and please make sure your EHIC Card is in date! (EHIC cards will be valid until 31/12/2020; after that who knows!)
Thirdly, your EHIC Card won’t get you back to the UK if you have a serious accident. For that you need a travel insurance policy that includes repatriation. French hospitals are great but you really don’t want to be stuck in one for too long, especially if you don’t speak the language.

So yes, you need travel insurance for motorbikers!


Right, what to look out for when buying a travel insurance for motorbikers policy?

  • Make sure the policy covers you for riding the cc of bike you intend to travel on.
  • Make sure the policy covers you for riding a rented motorcycle if that is your intent.
  • Check if the policy covers you for riding off road (and what it defines off road as! Insurers vary on this.)
  • Check out what happens to your bike if you have an accident and are unable to ride it home.
  • What cover is there for a pillion? (if you chose to take the wife…see above!)
  • Check the policy will cover you for as long as you are away, some have a limited duration.
  • Will the insurer cover any pre-declared medical conditions?
  • Check the policy covers you for motorcycle touring if that is what you are doing as some policies only cover for incidental use of a motorbike, not if it’s your main means of transport on your trip (what idiot of an underwriter came up with that gem?!?)
  • And there’s no point being economical with the truth when you are getting a quote as the policy won’t be worth the paper it’s (not, these days) written on!
A word of warning – so many times we hear people say “oh I don’t buy travel insurance, it’s included with my bank account” and indeed it may be but please, please, please check the small print. Often it only covers motorcycles up to 125cc and rarely will it cover riding off road.
If you are touring on your own bike, consider getting additional breakdown cover for your trip and again read the small print to make sure it covers what you need. Some policies may deem older bikes not economical to bring back to the UK.

So to recap – yes you need travel insurance for motorbikers! And read the small print.

Some companies that offer travel insurance for motorbikers

Please note that I am not recommending these insurance companies. You must do your own research but here are some links to specific travel insurance for motorbikers (in no particular order):



Carole Nash

Worldwide Insure

Voyager Insurance

Happy holidays!

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